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Recent Projects

A representative set of projects completed successfully by IGS in relation to government service policy, reform, emerging technology and governance, and delivery include:


  • National Procurement Assessments and Procurement Modernisation Strategies and Plans in 22 countries (Latin America/Caribbean 13, Asia/Pacific 7, Africa 2)
  • Specifications, assistance with tendering and implementation of e-procurement systems  
  • Public Private Partnership development
  • ICT Reviews and Connectivity Master Plans
  • Development of Strategic Procurement Planning Tools for International Agencies (WB, ADB, IADB, UNCTAD) on Strategic Planning, Implementation, Procurement Environment Assessment, Authentication, Standards, Framework Agreements and Standard Bidding Documentation
  • Authentication, Digital Signatures and the Law
  • Independent Procurement Reviews of works and ICT projects
  • Development of Framework Agreements
  • Development, Planning and Implementation of Government Online Services
  • Third party Peer Reviews of CPARs by independent consultants
  • Multilateral Development Bank International e-Procurement Systems Survey in 14 Countries in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America
  • Strengthening Public Procurement Capacity via organisation development, position analysis and career development and training 
  • Advice on and Reform of Procurement Legislation, Regulations and Policies
  • Economic Harmonisation of National Procurement with Fiscal Policy




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